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Storytelling Art

After working briefly as a Steiner teacher, I became a professional storyteller for 5 years and had such fun going into schools, or businesses telling a wide range of stories. I enjoyed encouraging children and adults to utilise their creativity and form their own stories or make art from what they’d heard.

Now I tell stories to my grandchildren who score them from 1-10! Together we make drawings from the tales. Some of these become my paintings while other images are from my life experiences, after all, our journey through life is our very own story.

If you like what you see on my site, please browse my selection of art works for sale - there are prices to suit all budgets and items are still being added so please do check regularly. Drop me an email to enquire about shipping if you live outside the UK, or if you have a query about particular art work(s) that you would like in an alternative format.

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