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Still Life Collection

If you like what you see on my site, please browse my selection of art works for sale - there are prices to suit all budgets and items are still being added so please do check regularly. Drop me an email to enquire about shipping if you live outside the UK, or if you have a query about particular art work(s) that you would like in an alternative format.

Vases, bottles, feathers, shells; each holds meaning, given or found by friends or family, they are laid out like offerings. I’m fascinated by how they relate to one another and the power they emanate.

Flowers: a gift from the gods, awe inspiring in their beauty and form, arousing our senses and lifting our spirits. I get enormous pleasure from painting their colours and shapes. Often a bouquet is given to celebrate, commiserate or as an expression of love. A precious reminder is a painting of the flowers as a keepsake. You can commission me to paint a keepsake so make contact here to discuss price and arrangements.

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